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Im having a bit of trouble with tap pasting part can someone help me


Would it possible to add some wwe emojis?

Great App

This is a great app to use for sports lovers. From scores, league feed, and the awesome emojis, it has everything a sports fan would want in an app. I especially love how the Big 10 is included, but more importantly Big 10 basketball! I go to a Big 10 school and its awesome how I can follow them on this app. Highly recommended!

Sportsmanias review

Great app to follow all my favorite sports including big 10 basketball!

Sportsmanias review

I love this app! It is perfect for the sports enthusiast who is always on the go and needs the most accurate, up to date, and fastest information about their favorite teams and players. The only problem Ive had with it is that the emoji keyboard has glitched in and out occasionally but that could be my phones fault. I would recommend this app to everyone especially SEC football fans!


Love this app because it keeps me update to date on all my sports teams with one click on my fat little finger. Plus I love the emojis and of course I love SEC FOOTBALL.

This Application

This app is very amazing and i love it especially the Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook one lol

Works but....

This is a great app to make your friends say woah whats that app but I dont know if its just me but it glitches me to the top of the emojis whenever I scroll down to find more but without scrolling there is some really funny emojis

Great App!

Awesome App for the Sports Fan! Highly recommend.

Great app

This app has totally changed how I get my sports news. 10/10 would recommend.

Download Now

Great all around app. Good content, fun emojis! Must download

Breaking News

This is the best app to find breaking news!

New Version

Great new designs. Much easier to navigate and follow my teams! Also, this app is molding into one of those places I turn to for team-specific news. I spend only a couple minutes on the feed and I feel like Im already an expert on my teams!

User friendly

Gives the latest everything.Easy to use and learn. If you have problems this app is easy to work with once you send an email and give your feedback. This app responds quick after emailing them.

Go to sports fan app

Fantastic app. Easy to use and I love he interface. My go-to app for all sports news and the first to release my teams info. Ive been using the app for awhile and they have continued to enhance the interface and capabilities

Awesome app!

Perfect for playoff trash talking!

Great app

Sportsmanias is a wonderful app that gives me updates on all of my teams and has a great keyboard full of animated emojis!

Sportsmanias ROCKS!

Awesome sports app with cool emojis. Really useful and innovative! Keep up the good work Sportsmaniacs!!


coolest emojis

Amazing app!!

Really a great application. Very clean and organized. Get all your updates and information quickly and efficiently. The app is clean and easy to navigate. And theyre always updating their new emojis which is a cool new feature. Quickly becoming my favorite sports app!!

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